Stadium Now Open! (And Catalog Guide)

Hey penguins! Sorry for the delay on the post, still working on things personally. Anyways, the Stadium is now open! It is taking place of the Ice Rink that is usually in the game. My guess is that they will be switching the Stadium and the Ice Rink back and forth every time a new Snow and Sports Catalog comes out. I am not 100% sure, but that is my guess. The CPRewritten team went with the 2010-2014 Stadium from Club Penguin. It brings back old memories from when I played CP. You can do lots of things here, whether it’s play in a game of soccer, or sit and watch from the stands. Here is a look at the Stadium:


And there is also a Snow and Sports Catalog that goes with the Stadium! It is the May 2017 edition, and there are a couple of secrets. Here they are:



  1. Yellow Soccer Jersey (600 Coins)
  2. Green Soccer Jersey (600 Coins)

Well, that about wraps this post up. What do you think about the new Stadium? Tell me in the comments below!

See you around the island,



Pizza Slice Pin

Hey penguins! It’s Evann here telling you about the new pin that is out right now on the island! It is the Pizza Slice pin. It is located in the Pizza Parlor on the far left table. It will be here until May 10, so get it while you can. Now, this pin is a little hard to find because it does not have the usual white outline around the pin. I even had to get a friend to help me. (Thanks Gold87!) Anyways, here is a few pictures of the pin:



See you around the island,


Chocolate Bunny Pin

Hey penguins! There is a new pin on the island. It is located in the Forest, and is called the Chocolate Bunny pin. It will be here until April 26, when the next pin will take its place! Get it while you can. Here is a look at the pin:



See you around the island,


Recent Inactivity

Hey penguins. As you have probably noticed, I have been inactive recently. I am so sorry for not posting all of the recent news of Club Penguin Rewritten. There is personal stuff happening with my family right now, and I have been discouraged to post the up-to-date things that I always do. There’s nothing I’d rather do than spend my time helping out others around the island with my blog. So I will get back to doing wat I do best! I promise there will be updates with the blog, along with new features and posts coming daily. I hope you can forgive my recent inactivity on Club Penguin Rewritten and the blog.

See you around the island,


April Furniture Catalog Cheats

NOTE: Since the pictures weren’t showing up, I decided to repost this.

Hey Penguins! It’s Evann here with another catalog cheats post. This time, it is for the April Furniture Catalog. Hope you enjoy! Also, I have opened up a donation page for this blog. All of the donations will go towards this blog that is for the community. If you would like to support me and the blog, then please click the “Donate” icon on the sidebar! Thanks! 🙂







  • 1. – HD TV (1000 Coins)
  • 2. – Marshmallow (20 Coins)
  • 3. – Candy Stash (10 Coins)
  • 4. – Mop and Bucket (50 Coins)
  • 5. – Vacuum (280 Coins)
  • 6. – Broom (30 Coins)
  • 7. – Wood Bench (480 Coins)
  • 8. – White Plastic Chair (200 Coins)
  • 9. – Recycling Bin (50 Coins)
  • 10. – Green Plush Couch (500 Coins)
  • 11. – Green Deck Chair (400 Coins)
  • 12. – Mop and Bucket (50 Coins)
  • 13. – Small Houseplant (200 Coins)
  • 14. – Small Cactus (200 Coins)
  • 15. – Large Houseplant (200 Coins)
  • 16. – Clover Balloon (15 Coins)
  • 17. – Clover Garland (150 Coins)
  • 18. – Blue Lamp (100 Coins)

See you around the island,


How To Join The PSA

Hi Penguins! It’s Evann here, and today I will be showing you how to join the PSA on Club Penguin Rewritten! Like the last post, I know that many of you already know this. But, I am posting this more to all of the new users out there that may not already know how to do this.

First of all, click on the Moderator Badge on the top right corner of your screen.


This should pop up the rules of Club Penguin Rewritten. Hover around them, and you should notice that the chat bubble in the second rule is clickable. Click on it.


That should open up a top-secret message from the PSA. It basically says that they are looking for penguins to keep the island as safe as possible, implying that you should join. Click the “Your Mission” button to read more.


The “Your Mission” message goes through your duties. The first is to report any rule-breakers. The second is to help other penguin around the island. The third is to keep your identity as a PSA agent a secret. Take a quick glance at those, then click “The Rewards” button.


“The Rewards” message talks about the perks of being a PSA agent. The first one is that you get your very own Spy Phone, and the second one is that you get access to the secret HQ. Take a glance at them, then go on.


On this message, you will be prompted to take the secret quiz. Obviously, click “Yes.” The answers to the quiz are:

  • 1. Honest
  • 2. Being mean or rude
  • 3.  Report them
  • 4. Saying their address
  • 5. I want to keep Club Penguin safe
  • 6. I want to help other penguins

Once those are all answered, a message should pop up saying that they will check your application. (Which they will not do) Click “Done” and you should be brought back out into the normal game. Look in your inventory, and you should have the Spy Phone. That means that you are accepted! Click “Visit HQ” on your Spy Phone, and you will be taken to the old HQ. How neat!


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Please comment below if this helped you! Also, I have added a Donation button on my sidebar! You can donate to me if you would like! All of the money will go to my blog, and making it the best for all of you guys! I will make a page explaining Donations. Thanks! 🙂

See you around the island,



How To Get Into EPF Without An Invite

Hi penguins! It’s Evann here, and today I am going to tell you how to get into the EPF without a postcard invite! Now I know many people know the secret, but some of you new users may be struggling to figure it out, and may not have anyone to send them an invite via postcard. This is why I made the post! Hope you all enjoy!

First, go to the Book Room (the room above the Coffee Shop) and click on the bookshelf. Then, open the 2009-2010 yearbook.


Then, go to the June 2010 page. Click on each of the individual “EPF” letters in the title “Everyday Phoning Facility.” Once that is done, they should turn red. Now, click the Spy Phone that the agent has.


A message should pop up claiming that the EPF wants you to be one of their agents. Click on the “Go There” icon on the message.


This should take you to the Testing Room, where you will complete a test to show that you can be a great EPF agent. If you happen to fail to complete the test, don’t you worry! You can try again as many times as you would like. When you complete the test, you should be granted access to the EPF Command Room. Enjoy!

See you around the island,




100K Users!!

Hey penguins! As you may have seen in the title, Club Penguin Rewritten has hit 100,000 registered users!! That is absolutely insane!! I’m incredibly glad for Club Penguin Rewritten, and I hope the next 100,000 are as enjoyable as now.

Now you might be asking who the special 100,000th guy is. Well, is penguin is: Jimmy7780! Even though not expected, Jimmy is now very well-known throughout the community. He is definitely the lucky man getting most of the attention around the island right now.

Anyways, there is a party for this special event. It is 100,000 users party. The community does not yet know when it will be taken down, but it was put up on April 4, 2017. The town is the only room decorated. It has a “HAPPY 100K!” banner over the coffee shop, balloons around the three buildings, and fireworks in the background! I’d personally say that it is a pretty well decorated party for being in only one room.


There is a special code for this event as well. The code is: 100KPENGUINS. For this you get the Blue Skater Hat. Here are some pictures of the accessible code item:



To see my other codes, you can click here.

See you around the island,


New Servers Not Good Enough?

Hey Penguins! It’s Evann here. Today I am going to talk about the new servers, and how they may not be enough for this growing community. I forgot to post about this when it happened, but hopefully you all already know. Sorry for that inconvenience.

Anyways, so as you may know, Club Penguin Rewritten has added more servers to the game to ensure that the 80K+ penguins that are already registered can log onto the game. All of the servers as of April 4th, 2017 are:

  • Abominable
  • Alpine
  • Arctic
  • Aurora
  • Beanie
  • Deep Freeze
  • Sleet
  • Zipline
  • Alaska
  • Antarctic (Safe Chat)
  • Ascent
  • Avalanche
  • Blizzard
  • Marshmallow
  • Snow Avalanche (Safe Chat)

Now you may think that these servers are good enough to ensure that any penguin can log on if they want to. Well in the great words of Donald Trump, “WRONG!” Yeah, you heard me. At least 7 separate times  I have tried logging into Club Penguin Rewritten, ALL of the servers have been full. Don’t believe me? Here is a screenshot.


I think we need at least 25 fully-functional servers for our growing CPR community. I would personally like the see the servers Below Zero, Fjord, Frostbite, and Hockey added into the game. But at the end of the day, all this community wants are more servers! Tell me what you guys think and what servers you may want in the comments below!

See you around the island,    (If the servers aren’t full haha)


Field Ops 2

Hey Penguins! It’s Evann here today telling you that there is a brand new Field Ops this week! It will be here until next Sunday (April 9, 2017) when the next Field Ops will replace it.

In this Field Ops, something wrong has happened to the Clock at the Snow Forts. Gary says that you must go there and fix the problem without letting the common folk notice you.


Go to the Snow Forts and waddle towards the Clock. Then, you will see your phone flashing green. Click on it.


A mini game should pop up. Complete it, and you will earn some medals for helping out! You can use these medals to buy Spy Gear and Gadgets that every good agent needs!


See you around the island,