Coin Reset On CPR

Hey Penguins! I have some sad news today. Club Penguin Rewritten has reset the coins of everyone back to 2000 coins. This was all due to a glitch and bug. The glitch was that if you click on the Bean Counters game and went to your igloo before the icon said yes or no to play, it would send you to your igloo. Once you got there, the icon would show up, and you would play a regular game. Once you died, You could keep clicking the exit button, and it would give you more coins. (Sorry I didn’t explain that well but it is patched anyways so) I’ll admit that I too did the glitch, and got a lot of coins from it. Now some people would argue that only the people who did the glitch should get their coins reset, but the whole coin system was bugged and gave you way more coins than it should have. I’m sad that they had to reset everyone’s coins, but I still understand.

See you around the island,



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