St. Patrick’s Day Party

Hey Penguins! Yesterday was the official start of the St. Patrick’s Day Party! Even though St. Patrick’s Day is on Friday, the CPR staff changed the date of it to today due to popular demand.The party is from March 14-March 22.

You can obtain two items from this party, one being the Accordion, and the other being the Shamrock Hat. The Shamrock Hat is in the coffee shop, next to the left couch. The Accordion is is the Leprechaun’s House. To get to the house, just go to the Forest and click on the house that says “Leprechaun’s Welcome!”

shamrock hat.PNG


There have already been THREE mascots since the update of the party has came out. They are Petey K, Gary, and Sensei. None of them gave out postcards, rather they answered questions and played games. Sadly, I only met Petey K since I had to get off, but hopefully we will all see more of them soon!

There is even a new pin just for this party. If you want to see that, then check out my other post! Link:

Just about the whole island is decorated for this party, and there is even a new pin just for the party. This honestly brings back all of the amazing memories that I’ve had since 2007. What do you guys think? Please leave your remarks in the comment section below! 🙂

See you around the island,






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