April Fools Party

Hey Penguins! It’s Evann here telling you that the April Fools Party is here! It has actually been here since March 28, but I thought it would be more fun to post on April Fools Day! Anyways, this party is a little wacky. When you click on the new newspaper, it is a special April Fools edition. Instead of Ask Aunt Arctic, it is Ask Rookie! I would make sure to not forget to check that out.afp0

There are lots of items to be collected, and there is even a box dimension! The first item is the Red Propeller Cap that is in the Ski Village. Dance with this item on to hover.afp1

Next is the Swirly Glasses that can be found in the Cove. afp8

Next we have the Box Sandals which is at the Dock.afp7

Now, we have the Box Dimension, which can be found at the Snow Forts. afp9

Go in, and we can get started. First, go to the Soda Barrel box that is on the bottom and go in. There will be a maze that you must go through. You start at the bottom left. Just follow the barrels I picked and it will lead you to a button. Waddle on it and it will open a cage that holds the Box Hat. Get it, and go through the barrel next to it to go outside again.

Next go to the Jester Hat box, which is next to the Soda Barrel box. It is basically a joke room, but on the right, there is a Jester Hat that you can obtain. Click on it, next go back out to the Box Dimension.

Finally, click on the Cactus box, which is the top right box. In here, there is a shop where you can buy different sized boxes and the Portal Box. First off, I would recommend buying a Portal Box because they might not be here for awhile. But secondly, there is a secret on the menu. In the title “Box Store” click the “o” in store, and the box costume will appear. Get it, and go back.

Well, that is about it for all the items. Also, a lot of rooms are decorated! In the Town, the Coffee Shop and Gift Shop are replaced with colored pictures of them. There is also a pin that goes with this party, to see that post click here. Thanks for reading the blog post, and please comment on this party and your feelings!

See you around the island,



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