100K Users!!

Hey penguins! As you may have seen in the title, Club Penguin Rewritten has hit 100,000 registered users!! That is absolutely insane!! I’m incredibly glad for Club Penguin Rewritten, and I hope the next 100,000 are as enjoyable as now.

Now you might be asking who the special 100,000th guy is. Well, is penguin is: Jimmy7780! Even though not expected, Jimmy is now very well-known throughout the community. He is definitely the lucky man getting most of the attention around the island right now.

Anyways, there is a party for this special event. It is 100,000 users party. The community does not yet know when it will be taken down, but it was put up on April 4, 2017. The town is the only room decorated. It has a “HAPPY 100K!” banner over the coffee shop, balloons around the three buildings, and fireworks in the background! I’d personally say that it is a pretty well decorated party for being in only one room.


There is a special code for this event as well. The code is: 100KPENGUINS. For this you get the Blue Skater Hat. Here are some pictures of the accessible code item:



To see my other codes, you can click here.

See you around the island,



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