Help! I can’t  login to the game!

75% of the time, this is because the servers are down either for maintenance or an update. But sometimes the loading screen gets stuck on (Loading *server*) due to lots of users online at some time. If this is the case, then refresh and try a different server. The CPRewritten staff are trying as hard as possible to resolve this issue.

Can I import my old penguin from regular CP onto CPRewritten?

Unfortunately, you cannot, as Disney will have a fit over anything you do that involves their game. There was an account transfer that happened in late March that transferred your penguin’s age and party hats, but it was just about over when it started due to complaints from Disney. It is not likely that the team will bring it back.

Does CPRewritten receive regular updates?

Yes they do! That is what makes them so unique. They have their own parties, just like in the old Club Penguin, such as the St. Patrick’s Day party and the April Fools Party. They also have weekly updates, such as Field Ops and Newspapers.

Are there unlockable codes that I can redeem?

There sure are! In fact, I have my own page that focuses in on all the codes and what they can get you! To be up-to-date on all the Codes for CPRewritten, then Click Here!

What era of CP does CPRewritten take place in?

I believe it is the 2008-2012 era. But what I can say is this: If you are looking for the old Club Penguin, then CPRewritten is just right for you!

Are there commands to add things like coins and items?

No, you must play the mini games to earn coins, just like regular Club Penguin. You also must use those coins to buy the monthly clothes from the catalog.  It is a vanilla private server, meaning that it works exactly how regular Club Penguin works. I think it is really neat!

Which agency does CPRewritten have, the EPF or the PSA?

Well, they actually have both. But in order to into either one, it is a secret. To find out how to join the EPF, Click Here! To find out how to get join the PSA, Click Here!


Could CPRewritten be shut down by Disney?

Yes, it is possible. But, I don’t think Disney even cares enough to shut it down. After all, they have known about it for quite some time. If they really wanted to, they could have shut it down on day one. But, I do not think CPRewritten will be going anywhere any time soon.

I hope some of these Frequently Asked Questions helped you all out! Please ask more questions in the comments below if you have any, and I will try to put them in this page! Thanks so much! 🙂

See you around the island,



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